The Parenting Game

The Sun Prairie Media Center is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Christine Bright, founder of the Parenting Game, in a new series of programs imaginatively titled “The Parenting Game.” The 30-minute programs air on KSUN.

“The Parenting Game” is a transformational resource providing encouragement, pertinent information and actionable strategies to foster strong family bonds and healthy adult/child relationships.

Christine says, “I am excited to be producing the “Parenting Game” show for two reasons. First, I want to help parents minimize parenting regret by providing encouragement, information, resources, and parenting strategies.  My guests and I share our parenting stories that will include our ‘wins’ and our ’fails’! Secondly, TV allows viewers to experience the passion my guests bring to each topic. After each episode I want viewers to feel empowered and know that they can WIN at parenting!”

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