Some of the featured programming is listed below.  For a full list of all programs please visit the links to schedule and online programming.

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Sun Prairie High School Sports

SPMC is proud to offer coverage of Varsity Football and Basketball.  If you cannot attend the games be sure to check the schedule and tune in to channel 983 or go to to watch online live and on demand at any time.   Go Cardinals! 

The Spot for Health

Is the show that helps the community know where to go for health and healthcare.  Shirley Gutkowski, owner of Primal Air, LLC, is the host of the show that bridges the gap between those in need of healthcare for prevention and treatment. Sun Prairie in filled with caring professionals who are in the business of helping you be your best.  They talk to Shirley about how their passion helps you.  New episode twice a month on Saturday morning.

The Home Extension

Sun Prairie Media Center welcomes a new show to KSUN, 'The Home Extension.' Producer Laura Lahti has been a Realtor in Dane County and surrounding area since 2010. Laura is huge with giving back to non-profit organizations throughout Dane County. Her co-host Mike Michael is a full-time student in the Interior Design Program at Madison College. Mike has always had an interest in homes and dcor.

Together these two hosts bring you 'The Home Extension' with tips and guests who share valuable advice on updating and caring for your home or when looking for a new home. Every episode also features a new DIY project from Helene Smythe -Eagle, who walks us through step-by-step home renovation projects.

Inside Your City with Aaron and Chris

City Administrator Aaron Oppenheimer and Star Editor Chris Mertes have the latest news, events, updates from council, and interviews with the folks that make Sun Prairie run. In each episode Aaron spotlights a guest to share their role in the Sun Prairie community.

Reel Reviews

Planning to go to the movies? Check out our own weekly movie review program "Reel Reviews" first! In this show, movie critics and hosts Jamison Rabbitt and Mike Roth catch viewers up on the latest movies released to theater as well as classic "throwback" films worthy of buying or streaming. Watch this weekly program to see what scores Jamison and Mike give to the new releases.

Sun Prairie Sports View

KSUN's biweekly sports show, 'Sun Prairie Sports View,' is hosted by The Star's Karl Raymond and Jake Kurtz.  Karl and Jake feature insightful and opinionated commentary and information on the latest in sports, from the local Sun Prairie high school teams to the Brewers, Badgers and Packers.  Guests range from local coaches to high school and university athletes.  


SPMC welcomes producers Trevor and Bill of Wisconscene.  On every episode of Wisconscene, two Madison-area rock bands showcase their music and regale us with stories of their times and experiences in our vibrant underground music scene. Get to know the artists around you!  Your new favorite band may be your own neighbors!  So tune in to Wisconscene on KSUN every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 11:30pm.


NewsDesk has become one of the most popular news magazine programs on public television.  Hosts Jason Miller and Dr. David Arfa bring you in-depth analysis of national and international news giving viewers a better understanding of the real meaning behind the headline.  NewsDesk is the recipient of the prestigious 'Best of the Midwest Community Television Award 2014.'

Celebrating Indian Art

'Celebrating Indian Art' is produced by Poonam Rao, an artist born in India.  In each episode Poonam teaches the history and origin of different forms of Indian art, as well as, demonstrates how to create the artwork.  Poonam's latest art creations are the use of henna designs on cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  Stay tuned each month as Poonam demonstrates another form of Indian art. 

Chamber Business Spotlight

The Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce shines the spotlight on a different member business wach month.  Ann Smith, Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, sits down with each guest to learn how they got involved in the business, what they offer the community of Sun Prairie, their services and/or products, current projects or goals and more.

Chamber Chat

Every month Ann Smith and Brook Vechinski update the community on the latest happenings at the Chamber of Commerce. They share Chamber news, programs and events for the upcoming month.

Inside Sun Prairie

Ed Pagelow explores Sun Prairie by both inviting guests to the studio and touring facilities around town.  Watch this program as Ed tours and interviews city departments, service groups and community facilities to learn how they operate.

Veteran's Roundtable

A series featuring veterans from every war, highlighting personal experiences.  The veterans share first-hand accounts of untold stories from the wars they fought in.  From combat to radio work, code-breakers to POWs, these veterans give compelling portrayals of their time in service.  Host Ed Pagelow also goes on-location to seek out veterans at local air shows and special aviation events.

Colonial Club Commentator

'Colonial Club Commentator' has been a long standing program on KSUN which provides a look at recent events and upcoming programs at the Colonial Club.  The show's host, Pat Campbell, provides interesting commentary on the Sun Prairie senior scene.

Living History

'Living History' is a series that conveys a sense of everyday life in the history of the guest.  Host Pat Campbell encourages local residents to share their life, experience and background with us.

Nightingale Nurses

Producer Pat Campbell launched another series on KSUN, 'Nightingale Nurses, An Oral History.'  Each episode highlights the life and history of a member of the Nightingale Nurses.  The Nightingale Nurses share stories of the nursing career and profession from the early 1900s as how it has changed over the century.

Talk of the Town

'Talk of the Town' features two of Sun Prairie's newsmakers, Chris Mertes, Managing Editor of the The Star and Don Hooser.  Programs include interviews with guests involved in local government, service groups and city departments.  Watch as Chris Mertes and Don Hooser take on issues that face Sun Prairie.

School Views

'School Views,' hosted by School District Administrator Dr. Tim Culver, is a student spotlight and learning showcase of schools in the district.  Dr. Tim Culver interviews students and principals about their school experiences and events.  'School Views' provides a "window" into the Sun Prairie schools and connects them with the community.  

Sun Prairie Municipal Court

Municipal Judge Tom Hebl bring years of experience to the courtroom.  This program offers insight to how the local court system operates and what to expect if you are ever called into the courtroom!  Tune in to KSUN, cable channel 983 for a live broadcast every Wednesday at 9:00am, replays Thursday evenings at 7:30am. 

Sun Prairie Area School District Meetings

Sun Prairie Area School District Meetings aired on KSUN cable channel 983.  Check the schedule online and in The Star for air times. 

  • SPASD School Board Live from the Council Chambers on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 6:30pm.  Replays of the meeting can be watched on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.
  • SPASD Planning Committee re-airs on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.
  • SPASD Community Engagement Committee re-airs on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.
  • SPASD Performance and Operations Committee re-airs on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. 

Sun Prairie City Meetings

Watch Sun Prairie City Meetings live on KSUN.  Rebroadcasts of the meetings generally air on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  Check the schedule for exact times.  

  • Committee of the Whole Tuesdays at 5:30pm
  • Common Council 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 7:00pm
  • Plan Commission 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm

Church Services

Local church services air every Sunday morning beginning at 8:00am.

Sacred Hearts
Good Shepherd, Rite 1
Bethlehem Lutheran
Sun Prairie United Methodist
Peace Lutheran
Good Shepherd, Rite 2