Parents of KIDS-4

The Parents of KIDS-4 group was developed to connect parents with the KIDS-4 program.  When the group started they focused their efforts on raising money to replace old video equipment at the station.

To achieve their goals the Parents of KIDS-4 Group organized a number of fundraisers over the years to help the KIDS-4 program.  If you have fundraising ideas for KIDS-4 - let us know!

To support the Parents of KIDS-4 group click here to download the brochure.

Parents of KIDS-4 Donate Wireless Headsets

With the money the Parents of KIDS-4 raised this year they chose to purchase wireless headsets for the KIDS-4 program. This equipment will be used during studio productions and allow the director to easily communicate with the camera operators. The wireless headsets also allow for more freedom and ease of use for the young producers. We are excited to have the upgraded equipment installed in the studio. Thank you Parents of KIDS-4!

Culver's Night a Success

The Parents of KIDS-4 would to thank you all for supporting the KIDS-4 program during Culver's share night. We raised $419.01! With the donation from Culver's the Parents of KIDS-4 will be able to purchase new equipment for the program.
Thank you all for your continued support and for another great year at KIDS-4!

Badger Football Concessions Raises Big Funds

The Parents of KIDS-4 worked a concession stand for every home Badger Football game in the 2015. They did so to raise funds for the KIDS-4 program and their hard work paid off! The group earned over $2000 for the Parents of KIDS-4 group. With these funds the group will be able to purchase new equipment for the KIDS-4 program. Thank you goes out to all the parents and volunteers who helped with the booth.

Parents of KIDS-4 Donate Animation Software

With the money the Parents of KIDS-4 raised this year they have chosen to purchase animation software for the KIDS-4 program.  We have purchased and installed the latest version of Toon Boom Studio, a 2d animation software that makes it possible to animate characters.  This software has the capability to add bone animation to any character, automate lip sync, add effects like rain, snow and fog and much more!  We are excited to learn how to use this and incorporate it into the KIDS-4 curriculum!  This summer the Illusion of Motion workshop will be able to take advantage of the new software.