KIDS-4 is a unique program only found at Sun Prairie Media Center that provides area youth a chance to learn television production and media literacy. It is television BY kids, FOR kids.

WHO participates in KIDS-4?
KIDS-4 registration days will take place in the fall. Interested candidates can visit the station to learn more about KIDS-4 and to register for the upcoming crew year. Crews will be determined in mid-September and participants will be notified at that time.

KIDS-4 is open to children ages 9 to 14 years.

Students who are involved in the program are responsible for cameras, sound, lighting, editing, directing, talent and the content of their programs. Kids generally start in the KIDS-4 program in 4th grade where they learn the basics of camera operation, and work their way up to Thursday Night Live, which is a live program produced by 7th and 8th graders.

KIDS-4 crews run from October through April and follow the Sun Prairie Area School District calendar. Crews meet once a week after school for an hour, with the exception of Thursday Night Live which goes for two hours because it is a live production. All KIDS-4 crews are guided by a Sun Prairie Media Center crewleader.

All KIDS-4 crews meet at the Sun Prairie Media Center station, which is located in the same building as the Sun Prairie Public Library.

REQUIREMENTS of KIDS-4 Crewmembers:
- Child must live within the Sun Prairie Area School District
- Crew fee must be paid by each participant
     - "Pam Steitz Scholarship" is available to cover the fee for those who qualify.
- KIDS-4 crewmembers and a parent must attend the KIDS-4 Kick-Off Party held prior to the start of crews.
- Each crewmember is responsible for recording one event outside of KIDS-4. This event must meet the requirements of KIDS-4 programming.